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Thursday, May 28, 2015

World of Tank - WILDSON - Light Tank


Here's my first Tank that I use to level up until I get some tank into higher one. I already gain some medals just to use this tank which belong to Light Tank kind. An easy and simple to drive but bringing a super power bullets.


My Best light tank at a tier 5, Fast in run and fast in reloading bullets. can take rounding enemy enemy heavy tank that hard to catch it. It easy to locate enemy and spotted by this supper power spotter.


T37 is also a part of Light Tanks Vehicles but in a tiers 6 lined. It's good in firing and have supper power bullets that can bring enemy heavy tank hard to catch because of it's fast to run. Bringing 5 rounds bullets in every reloads.  


A tier 4 Light Tanks It takes good when can spotted to enemy and have also a supper power bullets by their tiers line up. good also in driving and fast to run. I earn lots of medals just to drive this Light tanks.

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