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Thursday, May 28, 2015

World of Tank - WILDSON - Light Tank


Here's my first Tank that I use to level up until I get some tank into higher one. I already gain some medals just to use this tank which belong to Light Tank kind. An easy and simple to drive but bringing a super power bullets.


My Best light tank at a tier 5, Fast in run and fast in reloading bullets. can take rounding enemy enemy heavy tank that hard to catch it. It easy to locate enemy and spotted by this supper power spotter.


T37 is also a part of Light Tanks Vehicles but in a tiers 6 lined. It's good in firing and have supper power bullets that can bring enemy heavy tank hard to catch because of it's fast to run. Bringing 5 rounds bullets in every reloads.  


A tier 4 Light Tanks It takes good when can spotted to enemy and have also a supper power bullets by their tiers line up. good also in driving and fast to run. I earn lots of medals just to drive this Light tanks.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

World Of Tanks - Fail But Win

T67 Tank Destroyer

I earn lots of medals here, that I killed 6 enemy and 10 damage points to enemy. It's nice to see it and during this time all my team mates were dead. I'm the only one who left behind but I defend to the base to not enemy come and invade but since I was alone on it, I fail to defend the base because they were surrounding me. When enemy come to the base they take lots of damage coming from me and they take hard to get our base. I fail but win of lots of achievements, you can see my medals above informing some damage to my enemy and how many I got killed.

I will show you what cost of achievement do I get with information about those medals in what way did I get it. you will see below, I wrote those medals information starting from the left that form like big M which color yellow or gold. so that you will see what medals is.

Ace Tanker

Award for mastery in controlling an armored vehicle

Fire for Effect

Cause more damage to enemy vehicles that the hit points of your vehicles


Destroy at least two enemy vehicles that caused damage to your vehicle in the battle


Damage enemy vehicles modules or injure crew members at least five times in a battle

Top Gun

Destroy at least 6 enemy vehicles

High Caliber

Cause the highest damage per battle

Friday, May 22, 2015


M4A3E8 Sherman

Oh Yeah! I get good Medals using my Medium Tanks Sherman Tier VI. I feel good when I killed more that 5 Tanks in different class, that I overwhelm them. I'm proud to have it. I actually collecting medals that rarely and hard to get. Because my type in game was so rush in battle that I want to be the first to spotted the enemy and first to fired them. I have over 1k battle in world of tanks game just play nice and collecting gold. I always participate  events, mostly the good prize. I only use my Tier 1 to Tier VI tanks just to make sure my gold and money will stay maintain and on going good. I plan to buy all tanks in USA class. I love to collect all USA tanks because they all good and nice in all time.

During this Battle I survive and killed 4 tanks that I almost get killed when my enemy surrounding me and they try to rape me, But I quick to response fire. I fire them to their weakness so that I killed them all. And I tanks to may team mate that they will rescuing me on that battle. The battle was good enough to encounter higher tank than me. But I think positive and have confidence to win the battle, it just my wish to be the best of the best in my own hehehehee. I cool this tank Sherman Medium tank USA. tough and quick and have high explosive bullets.

 Everyday I always use this Sherman for my daily events for good hunting and faceoff the enemy. Together my team mates I cover up and support them and having advance signal to my team mates. I check those trees when it take down, so I predicted that there is an enemy behind on that area. I fire also those bushes that it make good in covering in tank, mostly those tank destroyer. I've been take advantage to my experience to this game of my being long played and lots of learning since I start to play. I also accepted and listen to my friends and mates about what is good and bad in battle. That's my advantage to them my experience of battle and long played here in World of Tanks online game.

   T67 Destroyer Tank

My good, nice and fast Tank T67 Destroyer was my favorite one in enemy spotted quick to run and fast to load in bullets. This time I take so many awards during a single battle, I searching and finding enemy when they covering. Its a good tank when looking enemy and nice gun to bring. I use this tanks to run rounding by the enemy camp so that my team mates will be fire them. But during this battle I killed 5 tanks and spotted many enemy. It's nice to use this one when you looking an enemy who camping during the battle. Look my medal how many I got! yeah 7 rare awards coming to my T67 tank destroyer.

I also earn point in events, look down below they checked all because of the good performance and gain all the mission. When you take like that, you can earn lots of gold and money in every game to be like this. It easy to upgrade when you have tanks like this. For me this is more best to earning money and gold for my more tanks in planing to buy one. Just to make my tanks best in all time.

How about you, grab which tank you like it and play like this and earn lots of medals to have gain more money and gold. get and drive one of the best tank in the world and conquer to other tanks. Lets battle begin!!!!!



Hi Everyone I just want you to know that I have an account here at World of Tanks Sea which is the good and nice game ever. It takes realistic game that you drive a Differences Tank in Other Country which they defend their Country. You can choose Tanks from Germany, USA, Russia, Japan, China, Britain and France. To check this game just go find and see other information about World of Tanks at http://worldoftanks.asia/ It's quite good and fantastic game that has already and Guinness-world record hold that have over 30K+ people who play this game on May 2015 record history. It is easy to play when you not know at the first or you may a first time to play., because it has a simple and easy to understand their Tutorial about the game in how to click to fire, to move where ever you go. And have nice place which a realistic views. A Map that take you enjoy while you played, It brings you a true Pilot in Tank.

When you getting started the game you can choose what country you may like. You may start in a low or small tanks until you get more experience that you can upgrade your tanks. You can also buy Tank in high and complete that you not need to ex them. just both gold which you may use Real money trough Paypal, Mobile phone provider or your personal Credit Cards. A lot of choices that you may choose what ever you like. you can send money/gold to your friends when you meet soon. Because this game is a kind and a friendly people who played here. The Admin of this games are so updated to this game they give news when they make new upgrades and explain well the new system. A friendly people Admin that they care all players cashier or not it just equal in here.

Inside the game has good, because you can earn real money from this game because you they have lots of activities to join in. Which you can win real money from the daily, weekly and Monthly Event. A game that you cant get loose when you play here. and you can call your family and friends to play here. It's because it's more fun here to play World of Tanks. Tank have start from Tier I to Tier X, they have Light tanks, Medium tanks, Tank Destroyer and last the High Tank which you need to upgrade until you get the best tank until Tier X.

My account has been long play here. I chose USA tanks, because I believe it is goon and nice to attack and defended. I already have tier X that until now I need to get more Higher thank because I just want to play other kind higher tanks from USA. An every battle you play, you can earn quest, medals and gold that you will use for your new and upgrading tank for your own choices. Just make your self confidence for your tank to choose. Be the best among of them and Rush to win with your team mate in Battle. Come and join World of Tanks to enjoy and have fun with your friends in In-game. Wish you to see in Game just find me In-game name wildson. GOODLUCK COMMANDERS!